We encourage everyone to read the Bible for their personal growth, edification, and to be able to share the Gospel with others.

We offer four different Bible reading plans, each simply designed to help and encourage you as you strive to grow in your Christian walk and faith. Each is available to download for free, or you can pick up a printed copy in the church foyer.

Lives have been disrupted during this season of the COVID-19 pandemic. But God allows us some special opportunities during these unusual seasons. One of those is more time at home and perhaps fewer options for the world's entertainment. May we strongly encourage you to spend some additional time with the Lord through His Word? If during this time of restricted activity, you would like to get re-involved in a Bible reading plan we would like to suggest one of our four church plans.

Download the Annual Entire Bible Reading Plan 2021

Download the New Testament Reading Plan 2021

Download the Chronological Bible Reading Plan 2021

Download the M'Cheyne Reading Plan 2021 NEW!

If you don't have one of these plans, click on the link to download your copy, or email or call the church and we'll be glad to send you the plan(s) of your choice. Don't miss out on what God can do as life changes all around us. Time with the Lord and His Word is time best spent!

We hope you will be blessed as you study and learn God's Word.