Our Family Ministry is committed to helping couples and parents nourish spiritual development in their homes.

We have produced a daily Advent guide for your family. The theme is The Names of Jesus that we find throughout Scripture. These cards cover 25 days (December 1-25) and correlate with 25 names of Jesus.

There are two sets of cards. One set is designed to help parents engage their children in learning more about Jesus. The other set is designed to help couples focus on marital health and strength in Christ. You are welcome to use both sets — one to use in discussion and prayer as a couple and the other to use with the whole family.

Click on the links below to download the printable PDF files.

Advent 2020 – The Names of Jesus

Advent Cards for Families with Children

Use these cards around the dinner table, before bed, or even in the car. Remember, the goal is not to add more demands to your schedule, but to find peace in the midst of a busy season. We love you and are praying for your family this Advent season. Click the link below to view and download this set of Advent cards.

Download Advent Cards for Families with Children

Advent Cards for Married Couples

These cards are meant to be used as a couple. The most important piece of each card is the Bible verse which tells us each name of Jesus. In the discussion section, marriage topics have been loosely tied to the name of Jesus for that day. May you find these topics and questions helpful in discussing and praying for your marriage.

Download Advent Cards for Married Couples