Good Friday Family Worship Guide

2,000 years ago Jesus laid down his life as a substitute for sinners.

Good Friday is a time when families gather to remember that Jesus laid down His life as a substitute for sinners. The promised Messiah would indeed save His people through His sacrificial death.

God's Word and Spirit is very much alive in His people today. We are providing an outline for you to conduct your own Good Friday worship in your homes. We pray that God would use the clarity of His Word through the power of the Spirit to lead your hearts and homes to worship our Savior.

Click the button below to access the guide. A link at the top of the attached page will allow you to access music and lyrics for the suggested hymns.


Preparing for Easter

A Guide to the Season of Lent for You and Your Family

Our new booklet, Preparing for Easter – A Guide to the Season of Lent, is designed to help you prepare your heart for Easter, not just as an individual, but as a family, as a community, and ultimately, as a church body. Each week highlights a particular practice to orient our hearts toward Christ and help us intentionally make room for His Spirit to work in us.