Follow along each day beginning Monday, March 29 as we chronicle the events leading to Christ's passion on the cross.

Monday, March 29

Jesus Astonishes the Crowds

With His triumphal entry on Sunday, Jesus had created quite a stir. His authority is displayed once again as He heals those who come to Him and performs miracles. The joyous cries of children ring out, "Hosanna to the Son of David!"

Tuesday, March 30

Jesus Confronts Corrupt Leaders

The Pharisees question Jesus in an attempt to trap Him in heresy as crowds listen to His knowing answers in amazement. Jesus turns to the crowd and speaks of these self-serving, corrupt men, "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees!"

Wednesday, March 31

Jesus Displays His Authority

Judas joins the plot to kill Jesus. But Jesus offers Himself freely as the perfect sacrificial lamb. His authority far exceeds the sinful actions of men.

Thursday, April 1

Jesus Submits to the Will of the Father

As the disciples gather to share the Passover bread and cup, Jesus displays humility and service as He washes their feet. Jesus explains that the meal no longer serves as a reminder of the Jews' deliverance from Egypt. The bread, the Body of Christ, and the cup, the Blood of Christ, now serve as reminders of our forgiveness and fellowship with God. Later that night, soldiers led by Judas come to arrest Jesus. He willingly leaves with them and submits Himself to the will of the Father as the perfect sacrificial lamb for our sin.

Good Friday, April 2

Jesus Declares, "It is Finished!"

The Sanhedrin attempt to find Jesus guilty in a series of sham trials. The gathering crowds who had shouted "Hosanna" just days before now cry "Crucify him!" Jesus is stripped, beaten, a crown of thorns is forced upon his head, and He is nailed to a cross. With His last remaining strength, He utters, "It is finished." With His shed blood, Jesus has covered the sins of the world.

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