At First Baptist Church Keller, we believe that church membership should be meaningful and intentional. It is important for every member, and potential member, to seriously consider the expectation and commitment to becoming a part of our local body.

We've outlined the process and pertinent documents necessary for making a serious consideration for membership at FBC Keller. This process should be used by any individual or family who intends to learn about and consider church membership at FBC Keller.

  1. Introductory Videos
    Prospective members may complete the form below to receive access to videos regarding church membership.
  2. Member Matters Breakfast
    Prospective members are invited to attend the next Member Matters Breakfast (optional) on Sunday from 8:00-9:15 a.m.
    2023-2024 Member Matters Breakfast Dates:

    • March 10
    • May 12
    • July 14
  3. Walk Forward
    Prospective members will walk forward at the end of one of our worship services during the response time to present themselves as candidates for membership.
  4. Pastoral Meeting
    Member Candidates will be contacted by an FBC Keller Pastor to schedule a pastoral connection meeting.
  5. New Member Orientation
    Member Candidates will be invited and required to attend New Member Orientation on Sunday from 9:45-11:45 a.m.
    2023-2024 New Member Orientation Dates:
    • February 11
    • April 14
    • June 9
  6. Church Vote
    Member Candidates will be voted into church membership by the church body at the next church business meeting following the completion of New Member Orientation.
  7. Celebration Sunday
    New Members will be presented to the church body at the next Celebration Sunday.
    2023-2024 Celebration Sunday Dates:
    • April 7
    • June 30

If you have questions about membership, please contact Tony Richmond.

Baptist Faith and Message 2000 – What We Believe

Church Covenant – How Should We Live?

For more information about membership, please complete the form below