Church-wide Bible Conference – October 25-28

The Assurance of Salvation

The Bible makes clear that a person can know for certain that he or she is a child of God.

Each day this week, Sunday through Wednesday, our guest speakers will bring messages of hope and salvation. Be sure to join us via streaming access each morning and each evening.

Each session will be available at the posted times.

DAY 1 – Sunday, October 25 – Dr. Phil Newton

Day 1 – Morning Session (Dr. Phil Newton) Day 1 – Evening Session (Dr. Phil Newton)

Day 2 – Monday, October 26 – Dr. Matt Pitts

Day 2 – Morning Session (Dr. Matt Pitts) Day 2 – Evening Session (Dr. Matt Pitts)

DAY 3 – Tuesday, October 27 – Dr. Jim Richards

Day 3 – Morning Session (Dr. Jim Richards) Day 3 – Evening Session (Dr. Jim Richards)

DAY 4 – Wednesday, October 28 – Vergil Brown

Day 4 – Morning Session (Vergil Brown)

Day 4 – Evening Session (Vergil Brown)