Our small-group Bible studies for all ages meet each Sunday morning at 9:45. Class listings are below.

Our adult classes offer three primary series for cohesive, structured Bible study – The Gospel Project (TGP), Explore the Bible (ETB), and Bible Studies for Life (BSFL). Both are by Lifeway.

Many of our Sunday morning Bible studies (including preschool, children, and students) are studying through The Gospel Project. The Gospel Project is a Christ-centered and Gospel-focused Bible study. The children will study the Bible chronologically while our students and adults will look at the doctrines God gives us in His Word and how they all point to Christ. The objective of The Gospel Project is to equip believers with a strong knowledge of the Gospel which leads them to a greater commitment to live out the truths of God's Word every day! You can also visit their blog at www.gospelproject.com/Blog

Most of our adult classes opt for the Explore the Bible series. “Explore the Bible provides book-by-book Bible studies for groups of adults, students, and kids. Each session takes participants deep into Scripture, revealing context essential to understanding the text's original intent, and promoting transformation through God's Word in everyday life.” Lifeway

Class Listings

Dept. Room Director Teacher(s) Ages
A07 138 Christi Taylor Dee Smith, Joy Huber Various ages
A11 136 Billy Brooks Jim Perry 70's & older
A13 134 Valerie Rowe Valerie Rowe 70's & older
A15 139/140 Lowry Davison Ken Gardner 70's & older
A16 145/149 Randy Richmond R. Smith, V. Ball, R. Venable 70’s & older
A18 Parlor Buddy Brown Jimmy Jackson Mostly 70’s
A19 Gym Ruel Garner Jim Flick 60's - 70's
A21 141 Diane Chace Ladessa Foshee, Sue Haas, Debbie O'Toole All ages
A22 135 Sidi Davis Sidi Davis All ages
A24 152 Richard Pettigrew Gary Goodyear, Rod Snead 60’s to mid 70’s
A25 150 Monte Neece Jerry Poston 60’s to mid 70’s
A28 241 Lou Srncik Lou Srncik 30’s to 70’s
A30 245 Richard Harris Bob Vigoren 50’s to 60’s
A33 224 John/Connie Welch Russ Adams 50’s to 60’s
A34 226 Brent Rauscher David Carmical 50’s to mid 60’s
A35 219 Charlie Calogero Jim Riddle 50’s to mid 60’s
A37 243 Chris & Cathy Broadway David Farmer, Ken Nicholson 50’s to 60’s
A39 240 Butch Golden Brian Goble 50’s to mid 60’s
A40 216 Jim Brady Brian Romig 40’s to 60’s
A42 248 Fred & Amy Pratt Logan Faris Mid 40’s to 50’s
A46 244 Matt Porter Darren Pyfer, Mack Zimmerman Mid 40’s to early 50’s
A48 225 Danny Wright Jill Carroll, Nancy Carr Co-ed 30+
A50 231 Dan Trantham Robert Gopffarth, GH Cain 40’s to 50’s
A52 228 Dewey Stoffels Paul Chastain Mid 30’s to early 50’s
A54 222 Mike & Carolyn Dougherty Chris Norris, Ron Piwetz, Larry Rogers Late 30’s to early 50’s
A56 242 Scott & Buffie Pleasants Justin Jones, Darren Knapp 30’s to 40’s
A57 221 Brad Aho Andrew Ledbetter 30’s to 40’s
A59 218 Jon Hoyer Scott Ferguson Mid 20’s to 30’s
A62 249 Luke Meyers Blake Wofford Singles & married 20’s