Veterans Ministry

Our goal is outreach to our community for Jesus, one veteran at a time.

Veterans Ministry

For whom was the Veterans Ministry created?

The Veterans Ministry was created for all military veterans, including active duty and their families. The reality of war is that everyone is wounded. Most heal rapidly, but some wounds last a lifetime inside the heart, soul, and spirit of the veteran. These unseen wounds are often the most difficult to heal for they must heal from the inside out. Whether it is for the older veteran who has lived in the lonely isolation of painful memories for decades, or young warriors just returning from their first horrors of combat, the power of God, the power of God's written Word, and the community of God's people at First Baptist Church Keller can become a powerful spiritual support experience in the veteran's healing process. Frequently, this healing needs to extend to the veteran's family.

What is the Veterans Ministry mission?

The Veterans Ministry will promote the spiritual health and growth of active military, veterans, and their families, addressing their unique experiences by providing biblically-based, doctrinally sound fellowship, encouragement, and resources through the Lord Jesus Christ, who forgives heals, and restores.

What is our vision?

Our goal is outreach to our community for Jesus, one veteran at a time. We aim to assist veterans and their families with a ministry that provides a spiritual haven “where lives connect” with Christ and with other Christians and the FBC Keller community. We will provide resources which address specific needs of veterans – i.e., PTSD healing classes, educational opportunities through veterans’ conferences, and seminars addressing local concerns and issues.

Veterans, especially those recently separated from the military, need a place where they can share their experiences, which they may find troubling. They need a place where they can safely question their faith and gain the strength needed to grow through their military experience and into the person God is calling them to be. They need a close-knit ministry that will provide a listening ear, a place for confession, and a heart of compassion that will become a haven for veterans and their families. FBC Keller can be that place.

If you or a loved one is a veteran and would like more information about this important ministry, please click here to email Russ Adams or call the church office at (817) 431-2545.