Church planting is a vital part of the mission strategy at First Baptist Church Keller. Our vision is to plant churches in underserved areas where residents don’t have ready access to a gospel-preaching church, especially in the western U.S.A. The first church that FBC Keller planted in the west was the Blue Mountain Baptist Church in Baker City, Oregon in 2007. The second one was the Desert Ridge Baptist Church in St. George, Utah. Both of those are now on their own and are having a strong impact on their communities!

Now FBC Keller is partnering with other mission churches in various parts of the country. Foundation Baptist Church in Euless (started in 2014) is close to autonomy, and the Creekstone Church in Keller is also reaching many for Christ in its third year. FBC Keller also supports the Open Door Baptist Church in Thompson Falls, Montana, Grace Fellowship in Maricopa, Arizona, City Church in Boulder, Colorado, College Avenue Baptist Church in St. Maries, Idaho, and Redemption Church in Portland, Oregon.

FBC Keller has a vision to become a pipeline for repeated church planting in the western states by mentoring and sending our church planters year by year through a structured training program. This is paid for through a designated church planting fund that comes from a 10% allocation from the church’s Vision Fund (primarily devoted to future expansion).